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Application Template

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Application Template

Post  Nat on Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:35 am

Just make a new thread with [<Your Name>'s Application] as the thread title. Copy and paste the following questions and please try to be precise. You don't need to make a website account to apply, simply click New Topic and enter in a guest username.

1. What is the IGN of your main character?

2. How long have you been playing Guild Wars?

3. Do you have Teamspeak, Ventrillo and a Microphone?

4. What timezone are you in? What country do you play from?

5. Please take the time to fill out the ranks of all your characters so we know how developed your account is.

Character Name:
* Profession:
* Campaigns Completed:
* Luxon and Kurzick:
* Lightbringer:
* Sunspear:
* Vanguard:
* Asuran:
* Delver:
* Norn:

6. Do you know any members in Adis? If so, who?

7. What is your experience in DoA?

8. What is your experience in UW/FoW?

9. Please list other speed clear experience/knowledge.

10. Please list all guilds you have been in and your reasons for leaving each.

11. Anything else?

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