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Dracion's App

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Dracion's App

Post  Dracion on Sat Feb 09, 2013 9:43 am

1. What is the IGN of your main character?
Dracion I I

2. How long have you been playing Guild Wars?
5,715 hours over the past 61 months
3. Do you have Teamspeak, Ventrillo and a Microphone?
yes, all

4. What timezone are you in? What country do you play from?
England gmt+/-0

5. Please take the time to fill out the ranks of all your characters so we know how developed your account is.

Character Name: Dracion I I
* Profession:Assassin
* Campaigns Completed:All
* Luxon and Kurzick:Lux r1 Kurz r8
* Lightbringer:8 (700k points)
* Sunspear:7
* Vanguard:10
* Asuran:10
* Delver:9
* Norn:9(2k off 10)

Character Name:Dracion x
* Profession:Necro
* Campaigns Completed:NF,EotN
* Lightbringer:8 (120k)
* Sunspear:9
* Vanguard:4
* Asuran:8
* Delver:5
* Norn:8

Character Name:Dracion I V
* Profession:Elementalist
* Campaigns Completed:All
* Lightbringer:8
* Sunspear:6
* Vanguard:8
* Asuran:5
* Delver:5
* Norn:10

Character Name:Dracion V
* Profession:Ranger
* Campaigns Completed:NF,EotN,
* Lightbringer:8
* Sunspear:7
* Vanguard:7
* Asuran:6
* Delver:10
* Norn:4

Character Name:I Dragon Hexer I
* Profession:Mesmer
* Campaigns Completed:NF,EotN,
* Lightbringer:8 (460k)
* Sunspear:9
* Vanguard:5
* Asuran:7
* Delver:5
* Norn:5

Character Name:I Dragon Heal I
* Profession:Monk
* Campaigns Completed:NF
* Lightbringer: 8
* Sunspear:9
* Vanguard:0
* Asuran:0
* Delver:0
* Norn:0

Character Name:Dracion V I
* Profession:Ritualist
* Campaigns Completed:All
* Lightbringer:8
* Sunspear:10
* Vanguard:3
* Asuran:5
* Delver:4
* Norn:4

6. Do you know any members in Adis? If so, who?
Honestly i have no idea whos in Adis, so cant really say.

7. What is your experience in DoA?
I havent played guild wars 1 in a good few months
Previous to that i did all roles in dual tank, trenchway,solo gloom, duo gloom, solo city, did some solo tank not alot though.

8. What is your experience in UW/FoW?
again when i left in uw i could do all roles terra way, suicides, solo wastes,
in fow i could do most roles, in anything from pug manly spike to t5way including doing duo and trio fow regularly

9. Please list other speed clear experience/knowledge.
wasnt a big fan of dungeons, as you can see i specified to learning everything about the main 3 elite areas, i did urgoz and depe a few times but never found them as fun as the others

10. Please list all guilds you have been in and your reasons for leaving each.
before i left i was in Desolation Lords [DL] left due to guild leaving for gw2
before that i was in Legacy of Defiance [Lod] left due to leadership quiting the game

11. Anything else?
As i stated above i havent played gw1 in a good few months so am not fully up to scratch with the new updates but i can easily get re ajusted.
also on my return i noticed my account had been hacked, they salavaged all my armour and took items etc, so basicly on my main account all my characters are naked. i have some gold on an alt that i could use to get money for the required equipment for sc's if i managed to join.
although it has been a long time i remeber alot about the sc's i used to do i would only really need to learn a little about the changes.


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Re: Dracion's App

Post  Nat on Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:04 am

Can u pm me in game?
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